Workshop: The Wizard of Oz

Workshop: The Wizard of Oz
Gita Moreno , STA-T
Saturday March 29th, 2014

THE WIZARD OF OZ:  AN ARCHETYPAL TEMPLATE FOR HEALING  Dr. Morena explores the power of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz fairy tale an archetypal story for psychological healing. The day includes a retelling of the tale as it was written by L. Frank Baum, an experiential exploration of the story, and a demonstration of how The Oz theme appears in sandplay and play therapy cases. The symbolism of the Characters and the situations they face will be studied as a demonstration of the hero’s journey, as well as a presentation of ego development, trauma treatment and Jung’s theory of individuationDr. Morena is the great grand-daughter of L. Frank Baum, the author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and the great great grand-daughter of Matilda Jocelyn Gage, an early suffragist and freedom fighter. She is the author of The Wisdom of Oz: Reflections of a Jungian Sandplay Psychotherapist, which explores and investigates the insights contained in the Oz fairy tale. Click here to find more about her family legacy and The Wisdom of Oz. For more information, please visit


1. Increase understanding of symbolic language and how it is used therapeutically.
2. Develop skills to use the metaphor & symbolic language of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in play therapy and Sandplay.
3. Examine the emphasis on feminine values found in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 
4. Demonstrate how the Oz story is used for the treatment of trauma, emotional distress, psychological healing and mind-body-spirit integration.

Gita Morena, PhD, MFT is a teaching member of ISST/STA (CST-T) and Chair of the STA research committee. As a transpersonal psychotherapist, Dr. Morena is particularly interested in the mind-body-spirit connection, and incorporates a Jungian orientation and Buddhist perspective to address core issues of psychological and emotional healing. She coordinates the professional certificate program in Sandplay Therapy at the University of California, San Diego, and has published and presented extensively about sandplay therapy. In her book, The Wisdom of Oz: Reflections of a Jungian Sandplay Psychotherapist, she sheds light on The Wizard of Oz as a tale of individuation and spiritual awakening. Dr. Morena works and resides in the San Diego area.

*This training counts towards STA certification.  For more information please visit

Time and Location
Maria Droste Counseling
4th floor conference room
1355 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver, Colorado

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