Redemption of the Feminine in Fairy Tales and Sandplay_09/23/2017

“Redemption of the Feminine in Fairy Tales and Sandplay”

Date: Saturday, 09/23/2017

Time: 9am-4pm

Location: Denver Tech Area, 10 Inverness Drive East, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Englewood, CO

(SIDE NOTE: On Friday, 09/22/2017, Group and Individual Case Consultation will be available. Contact Shannon Yockey at for details.)

The Girl Without Hands: A Fairy Tale of Feminine Redemption and Self-Empowerment

 Stephen Foster from 9am-2pm

In this presentation, we will look at the first 1812 version of the Grimm’s Fairy Tale, “The Girl without Hands”, sometime called “The Handless Maiden”, from a Jungian viewpoint.  This Fairy Tale represents the first documentation of an oral tale from the cultural unconscious of middle Europe emerging from the many centuries when the repression and persecution of the feminine was pervasive.  We will work with this tale psychologically using Jung’s synthetic method, that is, using a process of associations and amplifications, to elucidate aspects of the dominant masculine attitude and to illustrate a feminine redemptive process

In this co-learning presentation/workshop we will enter the story of one young woman’s wounding at the hands of her father and systematically amplify the symbolic themes in the tale to reveal potential archetypal patterns beneath.  We will see how these images might relate this ancient story to our modern-day experiences, and look for underlying archetypes. For Jungians, it is the personal experience that clothes the archetype.  As such, we will explore the experience of wounding and redemption of the handless maiden in the tale to see how it might shed light on paths to healing and redemption for the feminine, and masculine, in our present-day world.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To understand the Jungian terms personal unconscious, cultural unconscious and collective unconscious, and how these terms might apply to modern psychotherapy.
  2. To gain an understanding of how the cultural unconscious might be relevant when working with patients from other cultural and racial backgrounds.
  3. To learn about Jung’s synthetic method; that is the process of amplification to reveal archetypal images.
  4. To learn introductory methods and procedures for Jungian Fairy Tale Fair interpretation.
  5. To learn how to recognize the personal complex and the archetypal images as presented in story, sandplay, dreams and other expressions of the unconscious.

Required Reading:                                                                                                         Grimm’s 1812, first edition version of “The Girl Without Hands” (Of note, after you register for this workshop, CSTA will send you this fairy tale to read prior to attending the workshop.)

Suggested Texts Referencing Fairy Tale Interpretation:                                        The Interpretation of Fairy Tales, Marie-Louise von Franz                                      Psychological Meaning of Redemption Motif in Fairytales, Marie-Louise von Franz

Suggested Text Referencing the Cultural Complex:                                                  The Cultural Complex, by Samuel L. Kimbles and Thomas Singer

Extra Credit Reading:                                                                                                     Grimm’s 1850; seventh edition version of “The Girl Without Hands

Stephen Foster is Senior Training Analyst with the Boulder Seminar of the Inter-regional Society of Jungian Analyst. He has a private practice in Boulder Colorado.  He is the author of the book Risky Business: A Jungian view of environmental disasters and the Nature Archetype, which expands on his interests in the psychology of environmental problems, nature, and archetypes related to our interactions with nature.  In addition to his interest in nature, Stephen has taught on a wide-range of subjects including Fairy Tales, Archetypes, alchemy and alchemical processes in films, tarot, and the relationship between Jung and Wolfgang Pauli. (See his website:  Stephen is a Licensed Professional Counselor, holds a masters degree in counseling psychology, and is a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis; in addition he is Diplomate of Imperial College and has a Ph.D. in organic chemistry.

Stephen J. Foster
LCP, Diplomate Jungian Analyst
1634 Walnut Streeet Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 442 0235

…and from 2pm-4pm…..

Sandplay Case Consultation and Experiential Activity

Laurel Howe, MA, Jungian Analyst, CST-T

Shannon K. Yockey, MSW, CST-T

The redemption of the feminine is really, at root, a redemption of the unconscious as a source of healing. In this session, we continue exploring these themes through Sandplay case consultation and an experiential activity. Through personal reflection and working with Sandplay images we gain a deeper, more personal experience of the healing potential Sandplay and fairy tales offer.

Learning Objectives:

1. Recognize when themes of wounding and redemption are symbolized in Sandplay.

2. Reflection time working with these themes on a personal level through an experiential activity.

3. Experience and participate in supervised Sandplay case consultation.

Laurel Howe is a Jungian analyst who earned her diploma from the Center for Research and Training in Depth Psychology According to C.G. Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz in Zürich. She is a faculty member of the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado, a teaching member of the International Society of Sandplay Therapy and the Sandplay Therapists of America, and an advisory board member of the Colorado Sandplay Therapy Association. She has a private practice in Lakewood, Colorado where she works with children and adults and mentors students of analytic psychotherapy and sandplay therapy. In addition to sandplay and alchemy, Laurel writes and presents lectures on the history and psychological meaning of Mary Magdalene and feminine archeological images from the Levant prior to and during the development of the Old Testament.

Shannon Yockey is a licensed clinical social worker with over 20 years’ experience working with adults, teens, children and families in mental health agencies, church communities, overseas military, and currently, private practice. She works with EMDR, Sandplay therapy, and mindfulness practices.  She is a Sandplay teaching member in STA/ISST, EMDRIA approved consultant and EMDR certified therapist. She has presented nationally on sandplay and EMDR and specializes in early attachment trauma & relational trauma.  ​Shannon is currently an analytic candidate in the Inter Regional Society of Jungian Analysts.


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