Walk Like a Buffalo: Mindful Awareness and Sandplay_ Elaine Bath

“Walk Like a Buffalo:

Mindful Awareness and Sandplay”

Presenters: Dr. Linda Elaine Bath, Ph.D;, ISST, CST-T, MFT and Patrick Faggianelli, PhD

Date: Saturday, April 21, 2018

Time: 9AM – 4PM

Location: Denver Tech Area, 10 Inverness Drive East, 2nd Floor Conference Room,  Englewood, CO

                  NOTE: Case Consultation on Friday, April 20, 2018.                          Click here for more information on case consultation.

Bath is a psychologist, clinical supervisor and ISST Sandplay teacher. She is a founding member of STA and CAST, and past STA Board member.

In describing her view of the natural temperament of young people Kalff uses the metaphor of her house and states:

“My house was constructed hundreds of years ago on rock; its rooms were not built and shaped with yardstick and compass, but grew according to a natural law. This house offers an atmosphere which corresponds to the natural temperament of young people. Even more the child comes upon a world which is completely open….totally welcome and accepted…where the sandtray is waiting, the chain of tension, which perhaps arose by wondering: “what will I find, what will I have to do?”, is broken.” Kalff 1980. p.38

As play is a multidimensional phenomena much is lost if the therapist approaches play therapy from one lens or modality. This workshop will take as a starting point Kalff’s emphasis upon conscious awareness and compassion in her approach to play therapy. Drawing upon Sandplay as taught by Dora Kalff, mindful practices will be explored as ways to help the client and therapist stay present with disturbing and damaging content that surface in therapy. This “cross fit” approach gauges when to “stay in” the metaphor, when to seek the symbolic perspective of figure use as sign or symbol and when to manage stress through positive reinforcement of breathing, movement and/or other behavioral interactions. Mindful awareness through breath, rhythmicity and sensory motor integration will be used as ways to help clients experience their strength and creativity.

Through case consultation and didactic presentations, we will delve into a child case. We will use Expressive Arts practices to enhance the case presentations and bring expression to non-verbal responses in the workshop participants. We will explore how to help therapists, children, caregivers, families and teachers to discern the most effective way for children to find their true selves and experience their strengths and creativity. In the process of presenting the case the significance between strong and deep or co-transference and its effect on a case will be emphasized and explored using depth psychology, psychoanalytic theory, attachment theory and mindful practices.

Learning Objectives:

1) Learning how mindful practice contributes to the practice of Sandplay as a “free and at the same time, protected space”. Kalff, 1980.p 39

2) Develop comfort in the play therapy session with play, metaphor and the symbolic expression of children.

3) Increase participant’s ability to recognize metaphoric play with children and understand the role it plays in regulation and desensitization or managing fear, over stimulation or traumatizing events in the process of healthy development and healing.

Suggested reading: Dora M.(1980). Sandplay / A Psychotherapeutic Approach to the Psyche. Santa Monica: Sigo Press.

Linda Elaine Bath, Ph.D. is a psychologist, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Teaching member of Sandplay Therapists of America, and the International Society of Sandplay Therapy. Her practice is located in Woodland California. Dr. Bath is a founding member of STA and former board member, and now teaches Sandplay in the USA, Canada and internationally. Dr. Bath has published research on Sandplay and mindful practices.

Elaine will be joined by her husband, Patrick Faggianelli, PhD, who has worked as a psychologist for over 40 years. Patrick continues to work in direct client services as well as having supervised, taught and directed counseling programs. He has done psychotherapy with a wide range of populations ranging from children to adults and including incarcerated and underprivileged individuals. Patrick employs Sandplay, movement and synthesizes Eastern and Western approaches to psychotherapy. He has worked directly with Martin Kalff, the son of Dora Kalff.

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