Deconstruction and Reconstruction of a Personality_Sheila Zarrow Nov 2017

“Deconstruction and Reconstruction of a Personality: Sandplay and Analysis in the discovery, treatment, and recovery of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)”

Presenter: Jungian Analyst Sheila Zarrow, PhD, IST-T

Date: Saturday, 11/11/2017

Time: 9AM – 4PM

LOCATION: Denver Tech Area, 10 Inverness Drive East, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Englewood, CO

PLEASE NOTE: Case Consultation on Friday, November 10, 2017

We are blessed to have as a presenter Jungian Analyst Sheila Zarrow, PhD, IST-T, who studied  sandplay with its founder, Dora Kalff, in Switzerland.

PRESENTATION:  Deconstruction and Reconstruction of a Personality:  Sandplay and Analysis in the discovery, treatment, and recovery of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID, or “multiple personality disorder”) in a 30-year-old woman.The process will be illustrated in Sandplay images, art, dreams, and letters from the patient.


  1. To understand the presenting features of DID.  How, when, and whether to introduce the wary patient to Sandplay
  2. To learn how to use resources in the community to support the treatment plan.
  3. To learn :
    1. How to support the patient – through the therapeutic relationship with you – during the sorting out of the multiple characters in the personality
    2. How to work with the patient during this fracture
    3. How to stabilize the patient as each “character” reveals its own concerns about its own reason-for-being – how to work with these “sub-characters” as if each is a patient of yours
  4. To learn how to work with the patient as the personality reconfigures itself -Sandplay and the new image of wholeness.

Sheila Dickman Zarrow, Ph.D., psychologist, is a certified Jungian analyst and cofounder of the C.G. Jung Study Center of Southern California. She is the author of Friendship and HealingThe Dreams of John Adams and Benjamin Rush, and the editor and author of the commentary for Edward Edinger’s Psyche on Stage: Individuation Motifs in Shakespeare and Sophocles. She wrote “The Royal Road and the Common Artery,” published in Psychological Perspectives and has published a variety of articles on Shakespeare and Jung, and on sandplay as active imagination. She is in private practice in Calabasas, California. Dr. Zarrow met Dora Kalff and worked with her for “three too-brief weeks in summertimes a long while back in the second generation of her trainings in her home in Switzerland.” She enjoys sharing her experience with the new generation of sand players.

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