Psyche and Symbol: Exploring the Soul’s Inner and Outer Landscapes Through Dreams, Sandplay, Nature and Active Imagination

Two-Part Virtual Workshop

“Psyche and Symbol: Exploring the Soul’s Inner and Outer Landscapes Through Dreams, Sandplay, Nature and Active Imagination”

Teacher: Shannon Yockey, LCSW, CST-T

Dates: Saturday, 10/10/2020 AND Saturday, 03/13/2021

Time: 10AM to 1PM MTN Time for both workshops

Location: Virtual, online platform

NOTE: These workshops will NOT be recorded due to the confidential nature of the material being shared.


Two Part Virtual Series ($60 each or $100 for both):

Exploring Inner Landscapes: Saturday, 10/10/2020, 10AM-1PM MTN time

Exploring Outer Landscapes: Saturday, 03/13/2021, 10AM-1PM MTN time

You will receive a ZOOM LINK invitation the week prior to the workshop.




During these challenging times we are experiencing both a collective and personal dissolution of life as we have known.

Through the chaos and pain there is hope of creating something more meaningful through cultivating a deeper relationship with psyche.

The deep psyche is self-directed and self-correcting. It holds the pathways of human development, pathways for making course corrections in our life’s journey, and pathways for healing the wounds of trauma.

The human psyche moves constantly towards wholeness and wisdom and it communicates by bringing images, symbols, feelings, and energies from the psychic depths to the shore of our awareness…. The land of consciousness.

As each person works their individuation journey they contribute to collective healing.

In the first workshop, we will explore personal symbols and foster deeper appreciation and engagement. This will be through images from dreams, Sandplay and active imagination.

In the second workshop, we will explore how the outer world invites us into relationship through Nature encounters, synchronistic experiences, and shared collective happenings.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define psyche, symbol, and active imagination and how they impact both individual and collective life.
  2. Engage in personal symbol exploration (please bring a symbol that is meaningful to you to the workshop)
  3. Expand awareness of healing potential through symbolic amplification.
  4. Explore how both personal and collective experiences of trauma can lead to a more meaningful way of living.
  5. Apply symbolic awareness in clinical work.

Recommended Reading:

  • Man and His Symbols by C.J. Jung
  • Memories, Dreams & Reflections by A. Jaffe & C.J.Jung

Shannon Yockey LCSW, CST-T, is a licensed clinical social worker with over 25 years’ experience working with individuals, children and families in mental health agencies, church communities, overseas military, and currently, private practice in Fort Collins, Colorado. She works with teens and adults using dreamwork, Sandplay therapy, EMDR and mindfulness practices.  She is an STA/ISST certified Sandplay therapist and teaching member, EMDRIA approved consultant and EMDR certified  therapist. She has presented regionally and nationally on sandplay and EMDR and specializes in early attachment trauma, relational trauma, anxiety, depression, and life transitions.   Her current area of exploration is healing and transformation through relationship with nature in direct experiences, dreams, Sandplay and active imagination.   She provides Sandplay process, EMDR consultation and Sandplay trainings for professionals seeking personal growth and certification. She offers small group trainings in dreamwork and Sandplay. Read more about Shannon HERE.

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